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Custom Engineering

Custom Engineered Products

Welker takes pride in our ability to access and focus on the application needs of our customers. We meet or exceed customer requirements with durable, low maintenance, cost effective solutions. Parts that perform multiple functions can help reduce the total number of parts and lower costs. Our engineering staff can design custom parts to operate in the most demanding applications using high performance materials, our proprietary bonding process and coatings that provide corrosion resistance and lower friction. In our well equipped, modern plant, our quality conscious machinists will manufacture your custom part to exact specification on time, every time.
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Lift Table S02282

Lift Table

With pneumatic lockouts. S02282

Marking Station S01928

Marking Station


Latch S02276


With two rollers, titanium nitride plated ram, key way and wiper. S02276

Compliance PCZ

Compliance PCZ

Spring centered floating pin clamp. S02195

MIG welding turntable


MIG welding application
Mega slide

Mega Slide


Heavy duty slide for angled application

Door Slide

Heavy duty rail slide for angled application. S01859

Expanding Pin for tube bending application

Square Expanding Pin

Used in tube bending application. S01801

Custom Wire Clamp S01749

Custom Wire Clamp

Custom clamp for 5mm diameter wire. S01749

Manual Pin Clamp S01744

Manual Pin Clamp

Small PCT pin clamp with handle for manual operation. S01744

Wash Down Lifter S01741

Wash Down Lifter


X-Rotate Servo Positioner S01721


Servo positioner with rotating carriage plate. Customer supplied actuator. Used in welding applications. S01721

Dual Carriage Rail Slide S01719

High Speed Shuttle Slide

Pneumatic rail slide with dual carriage. 800mm stroke, 400mm/second travel speed. S01719
See video below.

Lifter Slide S01704

Lifter Slide

Plane bearing unit with 400mm stroke slide and 300mm stroke lifter. S01704

Electric Thruster S01701

Electric Thruster

Spanner magnet slide. S01701

Hydraulic Swing Clamp S01695

Swing Clamp

Heavy duty hydraulic swing clamp. S01695

Slide-n-Lift S01682


Electric 1830mm slide with 400mm stroke lifter. S01682

Electric Slide S01681

72" Electric Slide

Servo actuated 72" stroke rail slide. S01681

Ejector Kit S01678

Ejector Kit


Rectangular Pin Clamp S01670

Rectangular Pin Clamp

10mm clamping range. Used with customer supplied backup. S01670

XYZ Servo System S01659

XYZ Servo System

Multi-axis servo actuated slide/lifter system for weld application. S01659

Mini Rail Slide S01640

Mini Slide

Rail slide with custom shims and lockout blocks. S01640

Uber Lockout Pin S01577

Uber Lockout Pin

Oversized lockout pin used in mining truck shock assembly. S01577

XL Slide S01574

XL Slide

1350mm stroke plane bearing slide. S01574

Hydraulic Lifter S01543

Hydraulic Lifter

30,000 lbf load locking lifter. S01543
See video below.

Multiple Diameter Expanding Pin S01541

Multi-Dia. Expanding Pin

Expanding pin with fingers that clamp multiple diameters. S01541

Shot Pin with Palm Button S01533

Palm Button Shot Pin

WP2 shot pin with palm button for manual operation. S01533

Hollow Spline Rota-Flex S01512

Custom Rota-Flex

Rotary indexer with hollow spline. S01512

Slot Clamp S01209

Slot Clamp

Rectangular pin clamp for square and rectangular holes. Application: Handling heating elements for high efficiency furnace manufacture. S01209

Flex Lock

Flex Lock

Low set-up and changeover cost by utilizing a single base and multiple tool sets. Precision hardened pin allows accurate position even under offset loading.


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