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Roll Dimpler

Welker Auto-Indexing Dimpler

Welker Auto-Indexing Dimpler prevents sheet metal blanks from sticking together in stamping operations by producing small dimples in the trim edge that automatically index with the action of the press.
  • 7 indexes per revolution minimizes potential for dimple nesting
  • Protects dies by minimizing potential for multiple blank feeds
  • Can correct fan stack effect on tailor-welded blanks
  • Requires no air, hydraulic or electrical connections
  • Actuated by gas spring for superior reliability
  • Increases efficiency of part grippers
  • Suitable for aluminum or steel


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Maintenance, Parts
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Auto indexing dimpler guarantees space between consecutive parts

Fan effect corrected by adding auto-indexed dimples

Level tailor-welded blanks with dimples:

Fanned stack, no dimples:

Dimples in part
Dimples in part
Dimpler in die
Dimpler in die
Dimpler in die
Dimpler in die