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Electric Slides

Welker Electric Slides

In keeping pace with sustainable manufacturing trends, Welker offers integrated electric actuated versions of its most popular products. Costs to operate electric components are a fraction of pneumatic when considering the actual expense of plant air compressors, hoses, valves, air filter/regulators, plus maintenance costs.

Pneumatic vs. Electric Slide Cost Comparison
Benefits of electric components:
  • Minimizes ladder logic by eliminating valves and switches
  • High force capacity
  • Absolute encoders
  • Offer greater efficiency
  • High level of repeatability
  • Precision multi-positioning
  • Synchronized motion

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Application Photos

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Standard Electric Rail Slides
R2 Rail Slide
The R2 Slide is the shortest and most narrow configuration available. Easily maintained (replaced) Kevlar shields protect rails from weld spatter.
Optional auto-lube.
2000# capacity
Narrow Low Profile Rail Slide
NL3 Rail Slide
Narrow rail slide for low profile applications. Easily maintained (replaced) Kevlar shields protect rails from weld spatter.
Unit includes auto-lube.
1000# capacity.
Wide Low Profile Rail Slide
WL3 Rail Slide
Wide rail slide for low profile applications. Easily maintained (replaced) Kevlar shields protect rails from weld spatter. Optional auto-lube.
4000# capacity.
Electric VOSS Rail Slide
Electric VOSS Slide
VOSS compliant components for Ford applications. Narrow and wide carriage styles. Optional auto-lube. 4000# capacity.  
Extrusion Frame Rail Slide
Extrusion Slide
Heavy duty aluminum extrusion frame rail slide suitable for harsh environments. A single motor can drive one or two carriages. VFD or servo actuators. Multi-axis configurations available.
Part Presentation Slide
Part Presentation Slide
Electric slides with positive lead screw drive, heavy duty extruded aluminum frames. Replaces feed conveyors at a fraction of the cost! Single carriage, independent dual carriage, and push/pull slaved configurations available.

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Pusher-Puller Slide with Cart
Pusher/Puller Slide
Mounted to the floor, extrusion frame rail slide latches cart and pulls parts into working cell. Cart is returned to original position and released. Promotes operator safety! Also useful as an actuator for tool tray changers.
See video below.  
Tool Tray Shuttle
Tool Tray Shuttle
Electric actuators and absolute encoders for high repeatability. Carriage plates are machined to customer hole patterns and feature precision homing/lockout pins. A hard-plumbed manifold is available for easy access lubrication.

Electric Plane Bearing Slide
P5 Plane Bearing Slide
Ways are composite bearings, hard chrome shafts, double seals; no way covers are required. Lube free! Least expensive and most durable
1200# capacity
Servo Shim Slide
X-Y Servo Shim Slide
Welker Servo Shim maximizes tooling flexibility. Allows quick repositioning of components for build trend change. Single axis and double axis (shown) models.
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Part Presentation Slides

X-Y Servo Shim Slide

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