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Welker standard part numbers begin with the series code. Links to product pages can be found below.
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Obsolete products list


Shot Pins

  • UB2 Compact Global Series Shot Pin
  • UB4 Global Series Shot Pin
  • S02314 UB4 Manual Shot Pin
  • S02345 UB4 Long Stroke Shot Pin
  • SB4 Side-bySide 40 Series Shot Pin
  • SB6 Side-bySide 60 Series Shot Pin
  • WP4 In-line 40 Series Shot Pin
  • WP6 In-line 60 Series Shot Pin
  • DB4, DB2 Dual Guide Shot Pin
  • HP5 Bull Pin

Legacy Shot Pins

  • WP2 In-line 24 Series Shot Pin
  • SB2 Side-bySide 24 Series Shot Pin

Part Ejectors

  • UPE Part Ejector
  • SPE Part Ejector
  • MPE Mini Part Ejector
  • S01769 Heavy Duty Part Ejector

Part Positioners

Powered Slides

  • P5 Powered 50mm round shaft plane bearing slide
  • P7 Powered 75mm round shaft plane bearing slide
  • H7 Powered 75mm round shaft plane bearing slide
  • R2 Powered rail slide
  • NL3 Powered low profile, narrow carriage rail slide
  • WL3 Powered low profile, wide carriage rail slide
  • S01474 X-Y Servo Shim Slide
  • LP2 Powered compact rail slide
  • LP1 Powered compact rail slide
  • DB4, DB2 Dual guided slide
  • AES Extrusion slides for part presentation
  • S01430 4" bore, narrow carriage Ford VOSS rail slide
  • S01416 4" bore, wide carriage Ford VOSS rail slide
  • S01417 6" bore, narrow carriage Ford VOSS rail slide
  • S01418 6" bore, wide carriage Ford VOSS rail slide
  • Smart Stop
  • Pancake Smart Stop

Compact Lifters

Ground Blocks

Lockout Pins

  • BP2 2,500lbf Lockout Pin with Flange Mount
  • BP4 5,000lbf Lockout Pin with Flange Mount
  • DS3 10,000lbf Double Shear Lockout Unit
  • Wedge Lock
  • CMX Pallet Stop
  • Tru-Lok-Out

Lockout Pin Receivers

Floating Locating Pin

  • FP2 Floating Pin
  • FP4 Floating Pin

Pin Clamps


Mini Locating Pins

  • MPS Inline Mini Pin (formerly S01426)
  • MPC Offset Mini Pin (formerly S01463)
  • RMP Micro Retract Pin
  • NMP Floating Micro Pin
  • RTP Robot Teach Pin
  • TMP See RTP

Expanding Locating Pin

NWP Flex Pivot

WD3 Auto-Indexing Dimpler

NAAMS Compatible Products

RF3 Rota-Flex Indexer

Rulon ® LR Bearings

  • DRS Rulon® Sleeve Bearing
  • DRF Rulon® Flange Bearing
  • DRT Rulon® Thrust Bearing
  • DRJS Rulon® J Sleeve Bearing
  • DRJF Rulon® J Flange Bearing
  • DRJT Rulon® J Thrust Bearing
  • DR6S Rulon® 641 Sleeve Bearing
  • DR6F Rulon® 641 Flange Bearing
  • DR6T Rulon® 641 Thrust Bearing

Rulon ® CJ Bearings

  • CJ Braided Composite
  • FCJ Rulon® F Tape Composite

CIP Washers & Bearings

  • TLM CIP Sleeve Bearings
  • OTW CIP Thrust Washers
  • MTLB CIP Metric Sleeve Bearings
  • MTLW CIP Metric Thrust Washers

GIB Assembly


Catagory Product Obsolete Date Recommended Replacement
Shot Pins RS4 2/23/21 N/A
  UR3 6/30/21 N/A
  WSPP 2/23/21 N/A
  WSPM 2/23/21 N/A
  WPA 2/23/21 N/A
Lockout Pins BRP 2/23/21 BP4
  FRP 2/23/21 N/A
  MRP 2/23/21 N/A
  MMS 2/23/21 N/A
  SRP 2/23/21 N/A
Slides CS1 12/31/21 LP1, LP2
  CS2 12/31/21 LP1, LP2
Lifters CLA 2/23/21 CLM


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