Bonded Gibs & Waystrip
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Bonded Gibs & Waystrip

Maintenance free gib assemblies bonded with Rulon for lube-free sliding motion

Bonded gibs and wear plates are a cost effective product for providing a lubrication free method of movement. Wear plates and Gib assemblies utilize high performance materials bonded to metal substrates to provide strength and a low friction surface.
CIP laminate or reinforced PTFE can be bonded to steel, stainless steel, bronze or aluminum.

Bonding Services

Over 35 years experience!
Bonding of composite material is processed at Troy plant. Welker's 3500 sq ft bonding facility features three heated bonding presses, up to 24 x 58", and a bonding oven 60 x 84 x 48" deep.

Rulon®, Rulon® F, PTFE, Metaloplast, and CIP material is available for custom bonding to new parts and fabrications, machine way repair, and rebuilt machines.

Gib Assemblies

Gib assemblies are ideal for use as weld gun slides and positioning slides

Linear slides and gib assemblies feature a bonded construction of RulonĀ® and steel, providing both strength and permanent lubrication.
Non-standard sizes and special lengths available. Gibs are provided either without holes or with standard hole patterns.
Hardness: RC 35 minimum
Finish: Ground 8-16 RMS in direction of travel or Electroless Nickel plate or hard chrome to .0002 minimum thickness.

Fabricated Wear Plates & Waystrip Material

Stroke Increment: 5mm
Maximum Stroke: 1000mm