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Welker standard part numbers begin with the series code. Links to product pages can be found below.
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Obsolete/Service products list

Shot Pins
UB2 Compact Global Series Shot Pin
UB4 Global Series Shot Pin
S02314 UB4 Manual Shot Pin
S02345 UB4 Long Stroke Shot Pin
SB4 Side-bySide 40 Series Shot Pin
SB6 Side-bySide 60 Series Shot Pin
WP4 In-line 40 Series Shot Pin
WP6 In-line 60 Series Shot Pin
HP5 Bull Pin
Part Ejectors
UPE Part Ejector
SPE Part Ejector
MPE Mini Part Ejector
S01769 Heavy Duty Part Ejector
Part Positioners
LST Long Stroke Positioner
SST Short Stroke Positioner
MST Mini Positioner
S01769 Heavy Duty Part Positioner
Powered Slides
P5 Powered 50mm round shaft plane bearing slide
P7 Powered 75mm round shaft plane bearing slide
H7 Powered 75mm round shaft plane bearing slide
WL3 Powered low profile, wide carriage rail slide
LP1, LP2, LPM Powered compact rail slide
AES Extrusion slides for part presentation
MES Mini extrusion slides for part presentation
BES Belt drive extrusion slides for part presentation
S01416, S01430 4" bore Ford VOSS rail slide
Smart Stop
Pancake Smart Stop
Compact Lifters
CLM40 Lifter
CLM50 Lifter
DB4, DB2 Lifter
Ground Blocks
GB3, GB2 Ground Block
S02645 Pivoting GB2 Ground Block
S03013 Pass Thru Ground Block
GBS, GBP, GBM Pass Thru Ground Blocks
S01353 Spring Extend Ground Block
Lockout Pins
BP1 500/750 lb Lockout Pin
BP2 2,500 lb Lockout Pin
BP4 5,000 lb Lockout Pin
DS3 10,000 lb Double Shear Lockout Unit
Wedge Lock
Lockout Pin Receivers
BP2NE90 BP2 Lockout Receiver
BP2NE91 BP2 Lockout Receiver
BP2NE92 BP2 Lockout Receiver
BP2NE95 BP2 Lockout Receiver
BP1E95A BP1 Lockout Receiver
BP1E95B BP1 Lockout Receiver
Floating Locating Pin
FP2 Floating Pin
FP4 Floating Pin
NMP Floating Micro Pin
Pin Clamps
PCT Pin Clamp
PCS Pin Clamp
PCM Pin Clamp
PCY Pin Clamp
PCZ Pin Clamp
TCA Wire Clamp
S01662, S01489 Tube Clamps
S01592 Hook Clamp
Part Positioners
Pin Clamps
Mini Locating Pins
MPS Inline Mini Pin (formerly S01426)
MPC Offset Mini Pin (formerly S01463)
RMP Micro Retract Pin
NMP Floating Micro Pin
RTP Robot Teach Pin
Expanding Locating Pins
Expanding Pin
WD3 Auto-Indexing Dimpler
Roll Dimplers
Rulon ® LR Bearings
  • DRS Rulon® Sleeve Bearing
  • DRF Rulon® Flange Bearing
  • DRT Rulon® Thrust Bearing
  • DRJS Rulon® J Sleeve Bearing
  • DRJF Rulon® J Flange Bearing
  • DRJT Rulon® J Thrust Bearing
  • DR6S Rulon® 641 Sleeve Bearing
  • DR6F Rulon® 641 Flange Bearing
  • DR6T Rulon® 641 Thrust Bearing
Rulon ® CJ Bearings
  • CJ Braided Composite
  • FCJ Rulon® F Tape Composite
CIP Washers & Bearings
  • TLM CIP Sleeve Bearings
  • OTW CIP Thrust Washers
  • MTLB CIP Metric Sleeve Bearings
  • MTLW CIP Metric Thrust Washers
GIB Assembly
  • Gib assembly
  • Gib assembly base
  • Gib assembly plate


Obsolete/Service Products
The products with an * are made to order


Catagory Product Obsolete Date Recommended Replacement
Shot Pins WSPP 2/23/21 N/A
  WSPM 2/23/21 N/A
  WPA 2/23/21 N/A
  WP2* 1/1/21 UB2
  SB2* 1/1/21 UB2
Servo Shims S01474* 12/19/23 N/A
Lockout Pins BRP 2/23/21 BP4
  CMX* 12/19/23 N/A
Mini Locating Pins TMP* 12/19/23 RTP
Slides CS1* 12/31/21 LP1, LP2
  CS2* 12/31/21 LP1, LP2
  R2* 12/19/23 N/A
  NL3* 12/19/23 N/A
Wire Clamps S01728* 12/19/23 TCA
  S02128* 12/19/23 TCA
Flex Pivot NWP 12/19/23 N/A
Roto-Flex RF3 12/19/23 N/A