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Welker continues to offer new and innovative "best in class" automation components. As a small private company with low engineering costs, our design and build team is quick to deliver new products and custom designs. An in-house testing facility allows for rigorous cycling, ensuring component reliability. Please contact Welker if you would like more information!


Compact Rail Slide


Manual Bull Pin

Pass Thru GBs

Pass Thru Ground Blocks


NAAMS Floating Pin


Mini Extrusion Slide

Tooling Rotate Unit

The Tooling Rotate Unit (TRU) is a below-the-hook handling system to safely and gently rotate die or mold sets for assembly, maintenance, cleaning, and repair operations. The TRU attaches directly to customer tooling and connects to an existing overhead crane or handling system. An integrated servo-controlled gear drive provides smooth, controlled motion via remote operator control pendant.


LPM Compact Rail Slide

Welker introduces a new slide to its popular LP series compact rail slides, the LPM. Offered in strokes up to 495mm, it features aluminum carriage & base plate with fixed metal shroud to protect rails from contaminants. Low profile design provides up to 250 lbf load capacity. LP Series slides use Welker Smart Stop for sensing and stopping. Ideal for model select or single weld gun application.

HP5M Manual Bull Pin

Welker now offers a manual option for the HP5 Bull Pin. Equipped with a 1-4 Acme lead screw and hand wheel, the bull pin can be manually operated for applications such as pony lines, prototype builds, and CMM rooms. Right or left hand mounting options. Anti-rotate feature allows mounting of 2-way pins and crowder pads.

Pass Thru Ground Block

Three fully insulated, compact units that move the grounding cable away from the contact face. GBP pneumatic and GBS (formerly s03013), GBM spring actuated versions provide consistent pressure for weld consistency. Choice of Class 2 copper swivel head adapter assures positive contact. Base is electrically insulated from shunt mount. NAAMS standard mounting with lube free bearing and double seal.

NMP NAAMS Floating Pin

NMP allows pin to float 1.5 mmwhen pneumatically retracted, reducing pin wear and part bind when unloading part. Available with choice of three body styles: side or end mounting for direct NAAMS pin retainer replacement; unit with side and end mounting is a direct replacement for Welker RMP retracting micro pin. Floating feature is sealed to resist contaminants.
Round pin (only) diameters 3-13mm.

MES Extrusion Slides

A compact version of Welker's standard AES slide, the MES offers a belt drive in strokes 60 to 3720mm.
Ideal for small material handling applications.

  • Available early 2022